Moving Resources & Guides

At Astro of New England, we don’t just show up on moving day. We are here to support you from the moment you decide to move until the last item has been placed in your new home.

Professional Packing Tips

Careful packing is one of the most important tasks in the moving process. How your household memories are wrapped, packed and protected prior to transit can mean the difference between a pleasant moving experience and disappointment on move-in day.

Professionally trained packers work with ease and efficiency. They go from room to room, and select the proper carton and cushioning materials for each item. A team of Astro packers can complete the job in far less time and money than you might think.

When customers choose to pack for themselves, we want to provide as much assistance as possible. Astro of New England can offer you our full complement of cartons, plus a range of cushioning materials and tape. See our Products Page for more information on packing supplies.

Astro of New England’s professional movers can help you pack your items. You might elect to have Astro pack the more delicate, fragile or hard-to-pack items – such as paintings, antiques, clocks, collectibles, lamps and glassware. Whatever you decide, we both want to make sure all household memories are carefully protected during this important phase of your move.

There are some items you will want to set aside and take with you, rather thank pack and send with your shipment. Check out of Transporting Your Valuablessection for a list of such valuable items.

For safety purposes, there are certain dangerous items that movers are prohibited by law from transporting. Check out of Do Not Ship section for a list of such items.

Astro of New England drivers are required to inspect all cartons before they are loaded on the van. This is for your protection. Improperly packed cartons must be repacked by the mover, which adds cost to the move, or by you. These guidelines will help you avoid delays and additional costs. Contact Astro of New England at 1-877-952-7876 with questions.