Moving with Pets & Plants

It is important to plan ahead for your pets when moving. They demand special attention as you organize your move. Pets cannot be moved aboard moving vans. Your National Van Lines moving counselor can discuss options for transportation with specialized pet carriers.


– Consult your veterinarian. Always consult your veterinarian well before the move to make sure your pet records and inoculations are current. You should carry these documents with you during the move, along with your other personal records.

– Consider using a pet carrier. Pet carriers are advisable for car travel, and it will ease your pet through the moving process if you get him or her used to the carrier during the weeks before the move. Take your pet for a short ride in the car, using the carrier, to familiarize him or her with the process and the carrier.

– Consider boarding your pet during the move. You might want to board your pets at a kennel in your new hometown during the move-in period. It will give you a chance to get your house in order before the pets arrive.

– Prepare your new home for your pet. Once you arrive, check the yard and the home for items that might be harmful to your pets. Place the pet’s food, bed and litter box (for cats) in the same relative location in your new home.

– Ask your new neighbors for vet referrals. Neighbors can be a good source for a vet recommendation, and it will give you one more reason to get acquainted in the first few days.

– Register your pet. Make sure your pets are registered in your new community; change the tags to reflect your new address and phone number.


Since plants cannot be safely transported on a moving van, we often recommend giving favorite plants to friends before the move, or offering them at your pre-move garage sale.

If you elect to transport your plants in your automobile, we suggest:

– A dose of extra sunlight for two weeks prior to the move
– Watering and a reasonable pruning the day before you depart may help
– Check state regulations. Some states have regulations about transporting plants across state lines. It is good to check with your new state before you move.