Without a doubt, the very best experience in moving. From the estimate to the completed move from RI to FL. It was a pleasant experience. All who helped us were very friendly and efficient. I would HIGHLY recommend this company. They came and did an estimate and charged no more than was estimated. They arrived on time both at the beginning and end of the job. We had packed our own boxes, but all the larger things were cared for very well. Nothing was broken and the job was performed as promised, even to supplying boxes that we needed. Well done Astro. Can’t tell how you impressed us. May you do well in the future.
— David Wyns
Hey Curt! We finally got power on Thursday night….we feel really fortunate. Please forward this e-mail as appropriate. On Wed your guys showed up and got to work. They were amazing. In spite of limited power in East Haddam and none in Charlestown, they got the job done. They were professional, extremely helpful and it couldn’t have gone better. We were amazed at how well things went. And you came in under your quote! Just let me know if you want me to be a reference for Astro! Thank you for your help and for being a great partner in our move!
Best regards,
— Judy and Dick Jackson
Dear Chuck,
We cannot thank you enough for all your help and guidance. Your staff made everything so much easier for us and took a lot of stress away from us. We also want to let you know that Doug and Kevin were just great. You can be proud of your company and we look forward to sending a small container once our house is sold.
Chuck, thanks a million!
— Ted & Diane Deignan
Dear Mr. Lamendola,
I just wanted to send over some very positive feedback on a move I recently made from Michigan to Rhode Island. I needed to very quickly move locations, and was lucky enough to find Astro of New England through Angie’s List. I was even luckier that two of your best movers were on their way to Chicago, and would have an empty truck on their way back. The feedback I want to share is regarding Dick and Scott Manchester, who in a very short period of time became invaluable to me. My husband had already moved out to RI to begin a new job, and I was pretty much on my own to get us packed and moved out. I can honestly say that the experience would have been less than desirable if it had not been for Dick and Scott. They are professional, experienced, extremely helpful and unbelievably capable in this field, which is not an easy one. The move went without a hitch from beginning to end. The move into the new home went just as well, especially with the help of Larry and Mike who supported Dick and Scott. They did a great job as well. Should anyone ever ask me if I know a good moving company, Dick and Scott will be my recommendation, as well as Astro of New England overall. Every person I dealt with was incredibly accommodating and made me feel as if I was their most important customer. I am not sure if you as a company have a recognition program or bonus program, but if you do, Dick and Scott deserve it. They are superstars. Thank you again for a very positive experience in what can be a very difficult task to get done. Please let me know that you received this feedback.
— Tracy Haigh
Dear Chuck,
It was without hesitation, after having Joe Viele recommend Astro of New England, that we proceeded to contact your company for estimates an availability. Not once, but three times your sales manager Curt Carleen came to our home to provide us with all aspects of our move and to reassess the estimate. His assurance that all would go smoothly and without pain, was an absolute understatement. On our packing date 2/27/2012 your vans arrived on time with the best possible crew we could have ever imagined. They included the four following individuals, Project manager Tim Powers, Doug Authlet, Billy Potter, and Mike Pasano. We had visions of these men working into late afternoon or even early evening. However, six hours later they were done and on their way. We were blown away at the speed and precision in all aspects of the packing procedure. On 3/1/2012 they arrived precisely when they said they would despite the inclement weather. Again with precision and w/o hesitation they unpacked everything an placed all our belongings exactly where they were showed. Unpacked, paid and on their way back to RI in four and ½ hours. We cannot thank you and you company enough for all you confident help. It was a real pleasurable moving experience. We will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.

Ps: Your office Manager Elisa and Dispatcher should also share in our gratitude.
— Tom & Mary Curtin
Just a brief note to thank you, Mike Fanning, and “the boys” for all of your efforts in getting my daughters moved AGAIN (2nd time in 6 months)! Like before, everything went smoothly-everything was handled very professionally…and everyone (yes…even you!) at Astro was courteous and efficient. Things were done on time and on budget. Allie and Kelsey said it was a great experience and that you all did a great job!!
Thanks again,
— Jay
I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to help insure that my move went as smoothly as it did. We received everything on Friday morning in a very timely fashion. It also turns out the driver only lives a mile away from us so he knew the terrain. If there is somewhere online that I could let the national office know how well things went or even on your site please let me know. I truly appreciate all that your entire staff did. Everyone was courteous, pleasant and friendly. I know that my situation was a little different and you were dealing with several people calling and telling you all kinds of things.
Again thanks so much, Sincerely,
— Karen Chapman
Dear Mr. Frank:
I am writing to tell you of my deep appreciation of the fine work of your 2 movers, R. Manchester and Gabriel, who moved my uncle George King on June 3, 2011 from 64 Lawndale Dr. in Warwick to Greenwich Farms Assisted Living, also in Warwick. While my uncle was ready to give up the house he and his wife had built over 40 years ago, and was looking forward to moving to Greenwich Farms, it was still a huge emotional time for him. This was made all the more difficult since George’s wife is in a nursing home and he didn’t have her with him to make decisions and to enjoy the gracious, easier living he now has at Greenwich Farms. We worked with Uncle George in the weeks leading up to the move to have him identify what to keep, what to give away, etc. and especially what he was taking with him. We worked diligently on identifying the things Astro would be moving. However, because Uncle George was turning 88 and very fragile about all of this major life change it was a slow and gentle process. As you no doubt know from your years of experience it was all overwhelming and exhausting for him. We were in pretty good shape when R. Manchester and Gabriel arrived but if we had had the freedom to move more quickly we could have had everything fully packed and ready to go. R. Manchester and Gabriel were so patient with Uncle George and us (my brother, my husband, and I). They made this emotional day pleasant and fun and were soooo kind and respectful to Uncle George. We are grateful to them both and appreciate how the moving business encounters folks daily who are in a major life change, sometimes of their choosing and sometimes not. We think R. Manchester and Gabriel are the best and we thank them immensely.
We love these guys!
My thanks again!
— Helen King McGah
Dear Chuck,
I want to thank you for the excellent professional service that you provided to our office in our recent move. Your employees, lead by Mr. Harper, were extremely efficient, helpful, and courteous. We were very pleased with your service and will certainly call upon you in the future when and if the need arises.
Many thanks.
— John A.Baglini Higgins & Slattery Attorneys at Law
Thank you and the guys for such a successful move from my mom’s house. I know you sent the best you had. It only would have been better if you had been there yourself!
My Best Always,
— Maggie Casey

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